How does your organization make customer service a competitive advantage and price less relevant?

Our customers care about far more than price as they are focused on the value we bring them through our provision of exceptional, personalized customer service while focusing on their health at times when they need us to care the most. We provide them access to the best care possible through our broad network of providers and educate them on what their options are so they can be in control of their health care decisions.

How have you created a culture of customer service in your organization?

A culture of service and quality permeates our organization. Our president speaks at every new employee orientation, emphasizing the importance of service and employees’ contribution to our success. We focus on the ‘moments of truth,’ which are those interactions between a customer and a product, service or employee that results in the customer forming or changing an impression about our company. In addition, every employee is trained in M.A.G.I.C., which stands for ‘Make a Great Impression on the Customer.’ M.A.G.I.C. is a philosophy and training tool. It creates a culture of service and provides a positive and memorable customer experience. We have also embraced the lean methodology to improve efficiency and eliminate waste in an effort to better serve our customers.

In addition, SummaCare has really differentiated itself through its focus not only on service but also on the quality of service and overall customer experience. We have adopted customer experience characteristics that are applied to our day-to-day operations and interactions with our customers. These characteristics are the adjectives used to define the ‘optimal customer experience,’ such as hassle-free, timely, accurate, consistent, personalized, etc. Furthermore, the Service Quality Committee, a multidisciplinary corporate committee, drives the service culture throughout the company. Each area within SummaCare is accountable to measurable service indicators and process improvements to facilitate excellent customer service.

How do you go above and beyond?

SummaCare utilizes an empowerment program that provides service departments with discretionary authority to resolve customer issues and create the ‘wow factor.’ Service representatives are empowered to use skills and strengths to satisfy the customer. As a result of empowering service representatives, we have gained customer loyalty, customer referrals, increased employee morale and more efficient work processes as we strive to not only provide excellent service to our customers, but also to build lasting relationships.

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