Supporting role

As a national provider of supplemental
health insurance products, Broadview Heights-based Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America serves
two primary customer groups: its policy-owners and its agents.

Ed Rocheck, senior vice president of
administration at Family Heritage, says policyowners — individuals and families who
purchase the company’s
products — receive value,
convenience and security
from the company.

The company’s products
are designed with a winwin approach. Its Return
of Premium feature provides a return of all premiums paid, less any
claims received, to the policyowner after a
specified number of years. This allows policyowners to have the insurance coverage in
case they need it and returns all premiums to
them if the coverage is never used. This feature allows Family Heritage to make price
less relevant in the buying decision.

Family Heritage wants employees to treat
policyowners the way they would like to be
treated, and new employees are encouraged
to spend a day in the field with an agent to
watch the sales process. This training not
only puts a face on the policyowners but also
helps employees appreciate the agent’s role
within the company.

The company also treats its independent
contractor agents as customers, and they
receive speed, quality and support from the

Agents who have questions are welcome to
call anyone at the corporate headquarters,
including the executives, and responses are
provided as quickly as possible. Speed also
comes into play with customer applications,
which are processed within 24 hours.

When agents visit the home office, they
are treated with the utmost respect.
Meetings are scheduled with the executive
team, and employees to gather so the agent
can meet them. This, in turn, promotes a
spirit of teamwork and shared vision.

HOW TO REACH: Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of
America, (440) 922-5200 or