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Peanut butter and jelly. Peas and carrots. Abbott and Costello.

Every great combination is made by two equally solid parts coming together to make something fantastic. And so it was a great fortune for both when James Taylor and Arun Pasrija met up and formed CHR Solutions Inc.

On their own, both men have a strong business background and a good amount of battle-tested executive experience. But, together, they’ve mixed their skill sets to create something special at CHR Solutions.

Taylor, the company’s chairman and CEO, is a bit of a serial entrepreneur, with CHR Solutions being the third company he’s founded in the last 12 years. Along the way, he’s become the king of the marketplace. Today, he spends roughly 85 percent of his time out in the market beating his CHR Solutions drum to help drive new business and acquisitions to build the company into a powerhouse for the middle market.

Pasrija, on the other hand, is the hand that cranks the wheel at CHR Solutions. With a strong focus on operations, cost management and efficiency, Pasrija, the president and chief operating officer, spends his time making sure the company delivers on its promises. It is his follow-through and close eye that ensure CHR is always growing from a solid foundation.

With the two working in tandem, CHR has grown from a basic business plan in 2003 to the thriving enterprise it is today, with a realistic goal of growing into a $100 million IT/telecom infrastructure services company. Beyond that, the 14-person management team at the company has CHR Solutions poised for the incubation of various telecom growth strategies. With expansions in the works, the company is ready to tackle tomorrow through a culture of innovation and expansion.

How to reach: CHR Solutions Inc., (713) 995-4778 or www.chrsolutions.com