Providing a Tailored Training program to customers can equal big benefits for a manufacturing company’s reputation in the industry, says Kevin Ives, Rockwell Automation’s business manager for Training Services.

  •  Understanding mid-level customers’ limited budgets. “In some cases, customers aren’t willing to invest in (sending employees to a four- or five-day training class) because it costs them more to have those individuals away,” he says. “It really allows them to be more efficient in what they’re getting trained on and align it to their needs.”

  •  Realizing customers’ time restraints. Custom training creates a brand-new course each time, while Tailored Training takes standard courseware and breaks it into tasks so the customer can pick and choose. “We can develop and deliver a Tailored Training class much easier and quicker, and it’s much more cost-effective than if we had to start from scratch and build a new course from the ground up,” Ives says.

  •  Providing full customer service. Tailored Training shows the customer that the company is able to sell its products as well as support them effectively in the marketplace. Ives says a company that provides Tailored Training is viewed as being easier to do business with, more willing to listen to its customers’ needs and willing to work with the customer to develop a solution. “For us, it really comes back to, ‘How can we do things as differently as possible but still keep it efficient enough to meet the demands of all of our customers?’” he says.