How to take your business by the horns and show it who’s the boss

When launching a business, there’s a time of investing and there’s a time of reaping on that investment. One of the biggest lessons I learned about starting a business is that you have to be willing to put in a lot of work, effort, creativity and enthusiasm into building your business.

You also have to find ways to stay motivated as you continue on.  A lot of people want instant success. They think, “Oh I have this new product that’s going to make millions tomorrow!”

It’s not that simple. The key to staying in control of your business and building it into something great is having systems and a plan. Even with a million-dollar idea, you need systems in place for marketing, promoting, positioning and profiting in your business.

I learned early on to keep track of my money and the money goals. This is something I teach all my clients; I teach them to be money trackers. That’s one of the most important things because it can be frustrating if you’re working, working, working and you don’t see the income or the increase coming in.

A lot of times, people don’t see it because they have no way of evaluating themselves on a monthly basis of what they are doing to get income coming in. It may not be the most fun side of it, but it’s fun at the end of the month when you have increase to show for it.

It is also very important to focus your attention and action on what’s going to bring income and eliminate things that waste time. If it is not bringing in new income or doesn’t fit into your overall vision — stop doing it and start doing what counts.

Here are seven ways you can stay in control of your business and get great results:

  1. Set intentional money goals. When you purposefully set an intention to earn more…you will begin to earn more. One of my clients expressed how her company was hemorrhaging money and she had no idea how to fix it. I suggested she use the Productivity and Profit Planner to intentionally set money goals on a weekly basis and track her results. Her first week of setting a money intention, she brought in $12,000. It was because she deliberately set her mind to aim for bringing in more money.
  2. Market, Market, Market. Regardless of the product and service you’re offering, we’re all in the business of marketing. You must promote your business to attract customers. This seems trivial, but I’ve worked with many first-time business owners that struggle with marketing their products.
  3. Take advantage of online resources to help you gain exposure and attract clients. Social media can be a big benefit to your company with savvy online networking.
  4. Stay consistent. Treat your business like a baby. Care for it, nurture and invest into it daily to make it grow.
  5. Invest in personal development. It’s important to improve upon your expertise by increasing your knowledge. Listen to positive motivational programs daily to enrich your thinking and empower your mind. The success of your business has a lot to do with your own mentality.
  6. Act quick on your ideas. When people wait too long to take action, they allow fear to get in. What is stopping most people from really reaching their goals is fear. You talk yourself out of what you really want. It could be fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of commitment, but if you really evaluate the situation, you will find that some kind of fear is holding you back.

    However, when you take action on new ideas or information right away, there is no room for fear. While excitement and enthusiasm are high, get a jumpstart and take action. Take daily action and don’t stop until it’s done.

  7. Ask for the sale. This is very important to making money. You have not because you ask not. End every presentation with a call to action. Learn how to close a deal.

Stacia Pierce is the founder and CEO of Life Coach 2 Women land an award-winning life coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. Her seminars, success-building courses, and a wide range of motivational materials for at-home use help women focus their energy and attain their goals one affirmation at a time.