Take the time to express appreciation for your employees

Every day, be sure to tell someone, “thank you.” These two simple words are so common and so well-received. As Clark-Reliance expands globally, we seek to look for a common thread for our ability to grow and continue to work closely with vendors, customers and our most important asset, employees.

Expressions of gratitude are very simple, but globally accepted and appreciated. Whether we are talking with our employees in Cleveland, Texas, New Jersey, Brazil, India or China, taking the time to appreciate people is both simple and effective. The translation may be different, but the results are universal and astounding.

Two simple words
One reason we continue to achieve our goals is the importance we put on uttering two words, “thank you.” The amount of appreciation we express and our ability to say thank you has a dramatic impact on how we relate to others. Research reveals that a sincere thank you in the workplace yields a 50 percent increase in the amount of additional help being offered as a result of appreciation.

Throughout the year, Clark-Reliance shows appreciation to employees is in myriad ways, including lunches, outings, Tool Box talks with the chairman and president and awards that recognize our employees’ excellence. But nothing is as powerful as taking the time to verbally express gratitude to employees and defining their integral role to the company’s success.

Every year, Clark-Reliance hosts an event with a meal, gifts and most importantly, a heartfelt talk from the two of us. We take the time to review the year, talk about the success, project about the future and most importantly, express gratitude to the employees for their important role in Clark-Reliance’s success.

This level of personal gratitude goes a long way in expressing appreciation for what the employees give back. Seasoned employees are thanked for their assistance, and new employees are thanked for being part of the team and assured of a positive role in the company going forward.

Gesture creates sense of self-worth
Receiving expressions of gratitude makes us feel a heightened sense of self-worth, and that in turn triggers other helpful behaviors toward both the person we are helping and other people, too.

Clark-Reliance employees are constantly reaching out to help other employees and folks in the community. In December, on their own, they  prepared an event and gift giving to OhioGuidestone.

Our employees also arranged for meaningful gifts, dinner and a party for all residents. Our corporate culture inspired our employees to pay it forward and make others feel valued. With a new year, take the time to say “thank you.” The results of making such a simple gesture will amaze you.

Matthew P. Figgie is chairman and Rick Solon is president and CEO at Clark-Reliance