Taking time to listen

Gary Shamis and Mark Goldfarb, managing directors of SS&G Financial Services
Inc. try to provide services better than the
average accounting firm and understand
they have to offer more to distinguish
themselves from the pack. They do this by
taking the time to get to know clients and
their needs.

“Listening helps us to understand a client’s
expectations so that we can exceed what is
expected,” Shamis and Goldfarb say.

The firm goes out of its way to make clients
feel important by tracking their birthdays,
anniversaries and other important personal
details to form relationships with them.

SS&G has made itself into a convenient
one-stop shop for clients and is always looking for ways to improve. The firm recently
restructured its real estate group, increased
capabilities in the public company practice
area, formed a transaction advisory services
team and enhanced its specialty tax areas.

Gaining customer feedback is another way
SS&G provides better service. Performance
survey cards are used to provide reliable metrics about the client experience and give the
firm a way to discover client service inconsistencies or complaints. More than 98 percent of clients who responded in 2007 said
they were satisfied or extremely satisfied
with their overall experience. Client recommendations are also important, with more
than 85 percent of new clients recommended
by current clients and contacts.

SS&G treats every customer as a VIP,
regardless of size. A client once said that, “We
are not a Fortune 500 company, nor even a
Fortune 1000 company, yet, you would never
know this by the consistent professional and
personal treatment we receive from SS&G.”

SS&G also shows client appreciation in
other ways, including using clients’ services
instead of an outside vendor and making charitable donations on behalf of the client.

HOW TO REACH: SS&G Financial Services Inc., (440) 248-8787 or www.SSandG.com