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Brian Deagan, CEO, Knotice Ltd.

For CEO Brian Deagan, the prospect of his company growing 50 percent in 2011 may seem like a lot to manage. But when you look at the last few years of growth for Knotice Ltd. — 64 percent, 54 percent and 41 percent growth year over year — his track record inspires the promise of the company’s continued success.

Developing all of its direct digital marketing services and software in-house, Knotice aims to provide value to digital marketers across a variety of industries by allowing them to communicate more effectively with customers and, therefore, grow their revenues, reduce costs and improve customer relationships. The company’s patent-pending software platform, Concentri, was designed to help marketers conduct highly targeted campaigns across Web, mobile and e-mail channels, maximizing ROI from interactive marketing initiatives.

Contributing to its double-digit growth over the last three years is the fact that Knotice invests heavily in building a strong, customer service-driven team of employees to sell and administer its products and services. Knotice prides itself on its employees’ commitment to going above and beyond for customers. Its account management and technical people are on call 24 hours a day to help a customer with a problem and deliver on the company’s service promise. This outstanding service is reflected in the company’s customer churn rate of less than 7 percent, although it operates in an industry where the norm is 15 percent or higher. Another significant achievement is that in the last three years, the company has landed eight Fortune 500 clients.

From 2006 to 2010, Knotice grew its revenue more than 140 percent, and in that same time period expanded its team of 12 people to 55. In 2010, the company was ranked 8th on the Weather head 100 list of fastest growing companies in Northeast Ohio. Today, Knotice has 79 employees on staff, and to accommodate continued growth, it plans to add 10 more this year.

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