Taseer Badar, President and CEO, ZT Wealth Inc./Altus Healthcare Management Services

Taseer Badar, President and CEO, ZT Wealth Inc./Altus Healthcare Management Services


Taseer Badar already had experience operating his own business after he graduated from Texas A&M University and began working for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter. During that time, he learned several critical tricks of the financial services trade and made many important friendships. While he developed these networks, he began to see that the company did not offer a full selection of investment products to its customers and felt that the customers could be given access to better investment advice from their account managers.

That observation was the impetus for Badar to form ZT Global Investments in 1997. His core client base, mostly doctors and dentists from the close-knit South Asian community in the Houston area, followed him. Badar found that he had a natural affinity with his clients, since most owned or had an interest in their own practices and were themselves entrepreneurs like him.

He determined early that ZT Global Investments would develop strong relationships with like-minded clients and use those relationships to successfully grow the business. Along the way, Badar often found himself assisting new doctors and dentists with the practicalities of starting their own businesses.

As word of his reputation spread, it allowed him to grow ZT Global Investments, now ZT Wealth Inc., into a $90 million a year business, employing more than 600 people in less than 15 years.

In 2003, Badar helped fund one of the first freestanding MRI machines in the area, which led to purchasing a second one as a controlling partner. From this initial partnership, Altus Healthcare Management Services was born.

Altus has grown by helping to provide partnership opportunities for general practitioners to gain access and own equity stakes in cutting edge equipment, previously available only to specialists.

HOW TO REACH: ZT Wealth Inc./Altus Healthcare Management Services, www.ztwealth.com