Tasteful marketing

Amazing what $1 will still buy.

Barry Gasaway, president of Pickerington-based Chocolate Works Inc., got untold marketing mileage out of a few bucks this spring when he sent complimentary boxes of his company’s chocolates to guests at the Adam’s Mark Hotel.

Gasaway was among 30-some entrepreneurs presenting business plans as part of a two-day venture capital conference being held at the hotel. With most of the Innovest conference attendees staying at the hotel that night, Gasaway seized the opportunity to get in an extra plug for his business.

Attached to each box of chocolates was a small card welcoming the hotel guests to Innovest ’00 and inviting them to attend Chocolate Works’ business plan presentation the next morning. Gasaway paid hotel staff $1 per box for the deliveries.

No word yet on whether he cut any deals at the conference as sweet as that.