Tax initiatives

Lori Eshoo has been working in the property tax industry for 23 years. After working for another company, where her idea for a Web-based system that would automate tasks was turned down, she left to found National Tax Search.

Eshoo’s beliefs have stayed strong through the creation of her company and are still vital as she moves forward.

* Serve your clients. Eshoo believes you need to listen and learn from your clients. Through talking with her clients and selling property tax services, she learned that expanding her current system could fulfill other client needs.

Her clients wanted the tax system to be linked to their other internal systems and other facets of the business, so NTS and TaxQ can interface with almost all client systems. NTS has also added the ability to service clients with national and international property tax management needs.

Her clients also desired the ability to keep their property tax in-house, so she created National Tax Technologies, which uses software that allows for direct communication and added control.

* Build your business from your business. Eshoo’s business is built upon her relationships with clients and the referrals they provide. Quality of service and the ability to meet client needs are core in retaining clients and bringing in new ones. Almost all of her business has been brought in via existing clients.