Team captain

Oil Field Products & Services

Daniel J. O’Leary is still a team guy.

Years after his college basketball career at the University of Tulsa ended, O’Leary still shies away from making his company’s success all about him or anything he’s done. Instead, he wants it to be all about the team at Edgen Murray Corp.

O’Leary, who is the steel distributing company’s president and CEO, has never been particularly enamored with the spotlight. After completing college, he started his career coding invoices at a small, family-owned pipe manufacturer in Baton Rouge, La., called Stupp Corp. As the years went on, he worked his way through just about every job at the company and became president and CEO. As he continued to succeed, he caught the eye of Edgen and joined the company in 2003 as its chief operating officer. Shortly after that, he was named president and CEO.

Once he took the full reins of the company, he took quick action. He consolidated the brand and centralized processes to help the organization become a company holding a unique space in the steel distribution market. He also made strategic moves and acquisitions, adding complementary companies beginning in 2005 and growing the company to 23 locations internationally, including 17 in the Americas and the rest spread across Europe, West Africa and Asia/Pacific. The result is a global footprint for the company.

Along the way, O’Leary pulled out his idea of team emphasis and began preaching the idea that Edgen will grow into a global supplier. Since then, the company has hired people who share O’Leary’s vision of the future playbook and can become the leaders of the next generation at Edgen.

Of course, O’Leary wouldn’t want to take the credit for all the good things that have happened along the way. He just keeps focusing on the future and preaching that good things are coming.

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