Teaming up

Ira Kaplan, Managing Partner, Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP

When clients come to the law offices of Benesch Friedlander Coplan & Aronoff LLP, they don’t just come for the legal service. They come for the client service.

Led by Managing Partner Ira C. Kaplan, Benesch recognizes that a successful client relationship is only possible when there is a positive price-value relationship for the client. So to communicate its dedication to client service, the firm developed its “First in Service” program to emphasize how Benesch attorneys and staff members execute top client service as their No. 1 priority.

Benesch is always looking for new ways to add value for its clients. Whether it’s offering alternative fee arrangements or working off the clock to find out more about a client’s legal needs, the firm’s attorneys are always re-evaluating the client-attorney relationship to make sure their level of client service is always on par with their level of legal service. In fact, to promote continuous improvement in service excellence, every single internal practice group meeting at Benesch has a discussion about client service on the agenda.

It’s not uncommon the hear Benesch clients talk about the firm’s staff using words like “adviser,” “partner” and “friend.” That’s because teamwork goes into each of its client success stories. Each client of the firm works in collaboration with a client team, or group of attorneys and staff members, which is carefully selected and assembled based on each team member’s ability to support a client’s specific needs and strategy. The client team model approach is at the heart of the company’s mission to give clients the best value for the price. By making sure attorneys are assigned to client teams based on their individual strengths and knowledge, Benesch aims to ensure to its clients that it can provide them with the best legal solutions for their particular businesses and, therefore, a sound competitive edge.

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