Technically speaking

Len Pagon Jr. has led Brulant from being a single-platform programming house to becoming a full-service management consulting and technology integration firm.

The transformation didn’t come easy, and it meant weathering upheavals in the tech industry, changes in business demands, a name change and even having to buy back a controlling interest in his company.

But through it all, Pagon has stayed focus on growth and the ideals that set his company apart from the competition. Through his roles as a programmer in Brulant’s start-up phase, to business development, branch management and ultimately CEO, he has acquired a unique perspective for integrating business strategy, operations, information technology and marketing to rapidly leverage the Internet.

Pagon credits Brulant’s market position for its success. The company has the benefits and capabilities of a large firm while providing the attention, fee structure and customer service of a local firm. Brulant employs a practical, hands-on approach to implementing systems at typically less than half the cost of a Big 5 firm.

Some of the unique approaches the company takes are:


* Time-to-value. Brulant created a time-to-value business model that enables it to drive significant value in shorter time frames with lower risk that delivers results rapidly and within budget.


* SWAT team approach. The company uses the same services a larger firm would while using small, nimble teams focusing on short-term intense projects and the time-to-value methodology. The end result is high client satisfaction with accelerated results at lower costs.


* Client-focus business model. Brulant manages the firm through client-driven practices with senior level executives responsible for running them. The company also has knowledge leaders who are responsible for turning custom projects into repeatable solutions that they are able to leverage across Brulant’s client base to reduce risk and costs. How to reach: Brulant, (216) 518-7900