Technology advantage


The Golden Rule says “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.” For Brad Pittenger, CEO of Xiolink, this is the foundation for how he runs his business.

When he co-founded the business more than a decade ago, one of the underlying principles was to never say no to a customer and not to draw boundaries. If someone is a client, he’ll take care of them — period. That’s true even if the issue is not something that falls under Xiolink’s parameters of responsibility.

For example, although the company provides management for servers and hardware operating systems, if a customer has a problem with a server, Pittenger has set the standard that his company will help to identify the underlying cause, even if it’s not something his company generally handles.

Since its founding as a managed hosting provider, Xiolink has evolved into an IT infrastructure provider, adding complementary services for the upper midtier and enterprise markets. The next phase of the progression is continuing the company’s growth by acquiring small, regional providers and establishing data centers in multiple markets throughout the U.S.

Pittenger trains his engineers and sales team to work closely with clients and listen to what their needs are so the company can build services to help them achieve their goals.

When times got tough, Pittenger chose to add products and grow. The company shifted its marketing message to address the immediate needs of its clients by cutting costs, while at the same time, the company began investing heavily in the future of the business by expanding operations in preparation for an economic rebound.

“We work with clients and most times cost savings are one of the reasons companies choose us,” Pittenger says.

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