Technology in the Steel City

Stefani Pashman, CEO of Partner4Work, has a unique view on Pittsburgh’s labor market. The biggest opportunity she sees won’t come as a surprise to many: technology.

Across every occupation

But that doesn’t mean we all need to become software developers or coders — although technology jobs are still one of the area’s fastest growing occupations. She says over the past few years, there also has been an overwhelming need for technology skills embedded in many occupations that aren’t even technology related.

“It’s across every occupation. So, having some comfort with technology and having a little bit of experience in that domain is really important for all of the jobs available,” Pashman says.

Partner4Work, featured in Building Stronger Communities, launched its TechHire Pittsburgh initiative to create more pathways and on ramps to technology careers. In addition to technology boot camps, TechHire developed a fun, free mobile video game in collaboration with Simcoach Games. Booeys: A Ghost’s Code is designed to gauge five aptitudes critical to technical careers.

This is just one way that Parter4Work is using its knowledge and connections to improve the Pittsburgh region’s workforce development. Other initiatives it plans to launch this year include helping people coming out of jail get better jobs and a college completion program for those who have a lot of college credits but no degree yet.

Not just for kids

Another interesting way that technology is being used in the Pittsburgh region is at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

The museum launched a new streaming series that broadcasts museum scientists to schools across the country using Facebook Live. Scientists Live has already reached an average of 50,000 students per episode.

These episodes, which certainly aren’t just for students, will feature experts sharing specialized knowledge and showing off pieces of the museum’s hidden collection. Find out more at and in the Uniquely feature.