The answer is yes

A. Ray Dalton, President and CEO, PartsSource Inc.

Employees at PartsSource Inc. know that customer service is what their company is all about. From the first day they begin work at the medical parts supplier, they are given two weeks of intensive classroom customer service training.

After a new hire has completed training, he or she moves on to a designated area of the call center where a training and development manager oversees and helps with customer interaction. Twice a week, the company also conducts training classes for both new hires and existing account managers to make sure they are clear on the company’s product offerings and processes.

Even President and CEO A. Ray Dalton gets involved in customer service training. He gives each new hire a simple message, but one that drives the entire philosophy of the company. He tells new hires that they are the ones that own the customer experience.

Any situation or problem must be tackled by the account manager as they are closest to the problem and have the most power to rectify it. Before any account manager is allowed to go out on his or her own, he or she must know the company’s expectations of consistently excellent customer service.

With all the training and preparation time given to each new hire, it’s no wonder PartsSource is known for its customer satisfaction. Anytime a customer orders a part, that client is contacted on the day that part is scheduled to arrive and asked five questions.

Did the part arrive on time? Was the part in the condition we represented it to be? Did the part fix your problem? If the customer answers yes to those questions, PartsSource will be pleased but not done. The company will ask if there is anything else it can help find or get done. If a client answers no to any of the previous questions, PartsSource will always ask how it can correct the situation until the client is satisfied.

No matter what service a client asks for, the answer at PartsSource is always yes.

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