The extra mile

Eric Hardy believes that every problem
has a solution, and he’s willing to work
hard to find it at w3r Consulting.

Hardy started his first company,
WebRunners Inc., in 1995 with two partners. Four years later, the company purchased 51 percent of Infoservices Inc., and
two years after that, Infoservices was spun
off into its own company and the name
was changed to w3r, short for We Create
Construct Connect Result.

Until 2003, the consulting and staffing
company was completely dependent on
clients in the automotive industry, then
Hardy, CEO of w3r, decided it was time to
diversify the company’s customer portfolio. He made the decision based on the fact
that Michigan has a lot to offer in other
industries and that those businesses that
wanted to survive needed to make a
change. Today, the company serves customers in the health care and financial
services industries, and has expanded into
new geographical areas, opening satellite
offices in Cincinnati, Columbus, New York
City, Chicago and Dallas.

With the expansion, Hardy’s five-year plan is
to grow top-line corporate revenue 10 times
in a five-year period. Now in the second year
of the plan, Hardy anticipates meeting that
mark before the end of the fourth year and
attributes the growth to the company’s willingness to adapt very quickly to a customer’s
requirements. In an ever-changing economy
where dozens of firms provide similar services, w3r has distinguished itself by going the
extra mile for its customers.

HOW TO REACH: w3r Consulting, or (248) 358-1002