The larger scope

Dolf Kahle, CEO, Visual Marking Systems Inc.

When Dolf Kahle and the employees at Visual Marking Systems Inc. sit down with a client they don’t just offer a quote straight from the blue print. They dig deeper.

Kahle, CEO of the custom graphic design firm, expects all his employees to get inside the heads of their clients and ask the questions the blue prints don’t offer answers to. The company developed an innovation center just for this purpose. When the company meets with clients prior to giving a production quote, employees will brainstorm ideas on the best way to manufacture a product for customers, cutting options, shipping and packaging methods, and best materials to use.

As a result of these brainstorming sessions, the folks at VMS typically offer ideas above and beyond what clients were expecting. By relentlessly looking for ways to improve products they demonstrate that they have their customers’ best interests at heart.

The company has several clients it considers VIP customers due to loyalty and the size of their business. However, VMS strives to make every client feel like a VIP. The company offers a plant tour that makes customers feel welcomed and provides an inside look at the business.

The tour is themed after the Hollywood Red Carpet and leaves an impression that clients remember for months. Every customer at VMS is considered a “star” and the top 10 VIP customers have their names printed on Hollywood stars on the entrance floor. After customers walk through the VMS hall of fame, they get their photo taken on a Hollywood backdrop with the VMS logo and the customer’s logo, which gets framed and the customer can take it back to the office with them.

As customers are guided through the VMS plant they participate in interactive, hands-on projects along the way. As if that wasn’t enough, VMS also writes thank-you notes to all its customers for all their hard work.

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