The right choice

Choosing leaders in the political arena is always challenging, but choosing a president to lead us into the future can be vexing.

We all are searching for that perfect person, the one who represents all of our views and who will fight to make sure what we believe in takes center stage, but we are living in an imperfect world.

There is no ideal leader. There isn’t anyone who has the solution to all the problems that we think are important.

John Kerry is a qualified candidate with a lot of political experience, but he is also an unknown factor when it comes to business. We don’t know what direction he would take toward business policies if elected president. With George Bush, we have four years of history to examine.

For the business community, the best choice is George W. Bush. We know what we are getting. He is a controversial leader, but he sticks to his convictions and has proven he is pro-business. He’s led us out of one of the worst recessions in decades, cut taxes and even refunded some of our money.

Consider the following accomplishments.

* Bush has reduced taxes for 25 million small businesses. He has quadrupled the amount small businesses can deduct for investments to $100,000 each year and is phasing out the death tax. On average, small businesses have received $3,001 in tax relief.

* Bush supports the enactment of medical liability reform, class action lawsuit reform and asbestos litigation reform to expedite resolutions and curb the costs lawsuits impose on American businesses.

* Bush has slowed the growth of burdensome new rules by 75 percent while still moving forward with crucial safeguards for homeland security and health care.

* Bush signed into law new free trade agreements with Chile and Singapore that will enable U.S. manufacturers to compete on a level playing field.

* Bush has achieved a higher Small Business Optimism Index rating than when he took office.

Bush’s goals are clear: He wants to create an environment that is conducive to good business. Business leaders and organizations nationwide are supporting the Bush campaign because they know that, for business, he is the better choice.

From a political standpoint, there are two choices on the ballot in November. From a business standpoint, there is only one.

Vote for George Bush on Nov. 2 to make America a better place to do business.