There’s no shame in the grooming game

Long gone are the days of thinking that women are the only ones who spend time in the salon and spa. Recently, there’s been a big shift in men’s perception of grooming and self-care.

In the past, a haircut or product purchase wouldn’t have been a topic of conversation among a group of guys. Now, men are paying more attention to their looks and they feel comfortable talking about it.

A tailored look helps a man exude self-confidence in all facets of life and in business.

Let’s discuss what’s fueling this trend and how a man can step up his grooming game to be a participant in this growing nationwide trend.

Trends come and go

Men’s hair trends are constantly evolving from season to season. “Mad Men” made waves in men’s hair trends a few years back, and neat, cropped styles and comb overs became all the rage. Celebrity styles influence the desire to go for a pompadour, fade or undercut.

As hair trends change, so does the need to purchase product to achieve that desired look. Now it’s not uncommon for a man to own pomade, hairspray, beard balm or all of them.

As a busy business professional I understand that time is valuable. Spending an extra hour getting ready for the workday just isn’t something that can be accommodated. Luckily, men’s grooming routines and products are created with the on-the-go man in mind. Just a few extra minutes of prep in the morning will illustrate an overall pride in appearance.

Find your personal style

There are a few easy steps to take to evolve personal style. First, let’s focus on hair.

Growing out the hair is a great place to start. If long hair isn’t ideal, try growing out the top to show some texture, but get a fade on the sides. This style will work for straight, curly, thick or thin hair, making it the perfect starting place to try a new look.

I would be remiss not to mention a man’s next best accessory — his beard. The length and style of facial hair allows for self-expression in the workplace.

If a clean-cut look is more desirable, there are plenty of options for straight razor shaves, too. Participating in this age-old tradition will step up the style game and allow for a relaxing, yet results-oriented experience.

The first step to uncovering personal style is to find a local barbershop or salon. It just so happens that we’ll soon have an option for men, the Royal Rhino Club Barbershop, opening this spring in Italian Village.

Our barbershop will be more than just a place to come and get a quick cut; it’s truly an experience. We’ve melded this highly respected craft of barbering with today’s freshest grooming techniques and added a heavy dose of atmosphere to create an experience unlike any other.


Update your personal style and feel confident doing it. Go out there and get that dapper cut and fresh beard trim. Remember, if you look the part, you live the part.


Debra Penzone is the President and CEO of The Charles Penzone Salons. Debra’s expertise as a business leader, hair professional and her avid philanthropy have earned her the respect of the salon industry and the nonprofit community.