Three tips to avoid bad job candidates

Being a manager is never an easy job, especially when you have employees that are exhibiting behavior that is not ideal. If you have a worker or two that feels that they are entitled or more deserving than their co-workers, it can affect company morale and slow down production.

Because of this, it is best to prevent these types of employees from entering your work environment in the first place by taking proper precautions in the interview process.

Follow these three guidelines throughout your hiring procedures to ensure you keep these negative influences out.

Communicate your culture

Make sure that the applicant knows what your company’s culture is like and what type of people you wish to have in the organization. A person can be completely qualified but, when it comes to fitting in with a particular business, might fail immensely.

You need to make sure you have like-minded people within a corporation that will work well together and will want to work toward the same goals.

A suggestion would be to have other staff members in on the interviewing process, in hopes of getting a group feel toward who the ideal candidate would be. That way, everyone involved can give his or her perspective on why someone may or may not be a good choice.

Be specific

It is important to know what exactly you are looking for in a candidate and what their responsibilities will be.

Make sure that your job criteria are accurate by consulting with various staff members and working with people who are either currently performing that job or have in the past. Prepare your interview questions to match what you are hiring for and make sure the person you are interviewing is clear on what their job is before you hire them.

This will lessen the chances of them complaining about being overworked or wrongly qualified while on the job.

Take your time

Finding the right person for your company often takes time, so do not be frustrated if the process is not as quick and easy as you had hoped. If you cut corners and rush through interviews in hopes of saving time and money, you will often regret the long-term consequences.

Try to make a connection with your candidates and consult with your team as far as who they feel would be the best fit.
The hiring process is never an easy ordeal and finding the right person for the job can often make the work environment more stressful.

Remember to be patient and positive throughout and know that the right person is out there. If you take your time and really get to know your candidates you will find the right fit and ensure a great working environment for years to come.


Michele Cuthbert is the CEO and creator of Baker Creative, a global WBE-certified creative brand management firm based in Ohio.