Ticker tuneup

Health Science

Larry W. Lawson wants you to rock and roll all night, but he would prefer it if, during the day, you took care of your body and did regular monitoring of your heart.

See, Lawson, the president and CEO of eCardio Diagnostics LLC, a provider of advanced cardiac arrhythmia monitoring products and services, is your old-fashioned rock-and-roll entrepreneur. Long before he helped get eCardio off the ground, Lawson started copyrighting music and got his band, The Clique, all of its gigs and its first recording contract. The band earned its place in the Gulf Coast Music Hall of Fame in 2008, but Lawson’s entrepreneurial mindset began playing a second tune long ago.

He spent some time working at another heart monitoring service in Florida and realized that the entrepreneurial bug was still playing a tune inside his head. That company was getting it all wrong, so he decided to go off on his own.

Since founding eCardio in 2004, Lawson has focused the company on technology. That has led the company to differentiate itself in the market as the monitor Lawson designed has cell technology. This technology automatically transmits arrhythmias to the company’s lab upon detection. Other monitors rely upon patient compliance because the patient must initiate the transmission to the lab. As a result, many lives have been saved by the monitors, creating a fan base much more grateful than anything Lawson saw with The Clique.

With a growing national reputation, eCardio has earned awards for customer service and is planning to take its advanced heart monitoring worldwide. Currently, the company serves approximately 150,000 patients per year, and that alone gives Lawson and his employees all the motivation they need to keep coming up with ways to win more hearts than Lawson’s music career ever could.

How to reach: eCardio Diagnostics LLC, (281) 465-5200 or www.ecardio.com