To be or not to be


Everything in the universe was created with a sense of order to it.

God created us all with a purpose and for a purpose. Some people are born with gifts and talents that other people don’t have. Untapped, these talents go to waste, possibly leaving our purpose unfulfilled.

Recognizing the gifts that we may not yet be aware of is important if we want to reach our fullest potential. Here are several ways you can explore what it takes to recognize your natural talents .

1. How you view yourself. Write down your unique gifts and talents. These might be a particular skill in a sport or simply good hand-eye coordination. It might be a subject you excel in, like history or math.

By taking the time to identify what you are good at, you may realize you have strengths in areas you didn’t notice before.

2. How others view you. Sometimes others notice things about us that we don’t.. Ask people close to you what they think your gifts or talents are and compare them to what you identified.

If they’re different, the ones you identified may be talents you haven’t fully tapped into.

3. How you would like to be viewed. You are what you think you are. Sometimes we limit our thinking, and thus, what we are capable of doing.

Don’t put yourself in a box. Decide what strengths you want to utilize and act on them.

4. Who you aspire to be like. This would be a mentor or role model. We shouldn’t idolize anyone because we are uniquely created for an individual purpose, but this doesn’t mean we can’t learn from others. Watch how others apply their gifts and maximize their abilities.

Don’t assume your talents and gifts will flourish naturally. It can take a lot of practice to get the most out of what you have. But if you identify your strengths and watch how others maximize their talents, you’ll be better prepared to reach your fullest potential.