Todd Goldstein: Workplace climate, not so much culture, is a silent profit driver

Workplace climate is overlooked and underappreciated — it is typically grouped with workplace culture, but the two are distinct and must be treated as so. A company’s culture is free-forming, not shaped through policy and methodology, but rather created organically. Climate on the other hand is studied, examined and implemented.

Chances are, most companies don’t give due credit to their climate. It’s easy to avoid evaluating it, but there are a lot of reasons why you should. Workplace climate is all-encompassing; it is the leadership, the organizational structure, the standards of behavior and accountability, the commitment, the rewards, the trust … have you caught on? It’s big, it’s important and it’s going to be your silent profit driver.


How to drive higher profits

Climates emphasizing communication, collaboration, commitment, creativity and innovation are more likely to see higher profits, especially when employees are engaged and focused.

Such success stems from a unique organizational climate that emphasizes the constant flow of fresh ideas, the value of teamwork and collaboration among partners, members and others within the community.

Often, however, we struggle to establish an accurate, positive workplace climate, thus resulting in a reality that isn’t shared among members of an organization. So, what steps and/or tactics can be utilized to better your company’s climate?

Embrace change at every turn. Whether it’s a small business or large corporation, your company will experience different growth stages. Its needs, employee demographics and client base are all factors that directly affect the climate.

The ability to evolve the company structure, policies and behavior helps keep employees engaged and driven for success. Ensure that as the culture changes the climate changes with it, and you will be met with increased employee talent and retention.


Take some steps

Don’t overlook the resources within our own city. Get your employees out of the building and encourage them to utilize innovative work and meeting places. Co-working spaces like LaunchHouse and other venues that allow employees to tap into another company’s climate can revive employee creativity and passion. It can also expand a company’s network and spark new, innovative partnerships.

Break down department silos by encouraging employee interaction and internal collaboration. Communication fuels the office’s tenor and energy. Promoting internal collaboration on a day-to-day basis can dramatically benefit employee morale, create a result-orientated culture and increase profits.

Open communication among departments dissolves separate entities to create an ecosystem that constantly works together toward the same goal. Encouraging such collaboration adds value to the organizational structure and will uncover a talented and reliable network of people.


Evaluate your workplace climate to ensure that your organization is properly advocating its interconnected goals. If not, your company could be facing a convoluted reality and bypassing possible profits. What tactics can you use to make a change?


Todd Goldstein
CEO and managing partner


LaunchHouse, a business accelerator and co-working community that fosters entrepreneurial success and job creation through seed capital, education and innovation. Since 2008, Todd has invested in a diverse portfolio of 51 startup companies, which have raised more than $10 million in funding.