Tom Crowley has always followed his heart, whether it was his band or his business at MBX Systems


  • Follow your passion wherever it leads.
  • Don’t be a burden to employee productivity.
  • Admit to your own mistakes.

The Crowley File

Name: Tom Crowley
Title: Founder and CEO
Company: MBX Systems

Education: Bachelor’s degree in communications, Loyola University.

Crowley on his life: Being grateful every day is something that I am and continue to be. I drive up to my office now and I just can’t believe where I’ve come. Just keeping that awe about what you can create and what is possible and having fun. You have to have some fun with it and working with people you like can really help. Be a team member and understand your vision. Having a very strong marriage has really been the foundation of all this. My wife is much smarter than I am. I’m blessed to have her. I also have two kids, a son and a daughter and I have a strong faith as well. That is something upon which you can gain a lot of strength.

Crowley on the future: You can imagine the amount of data that is produced on a daily basis. Right now it’s boggling, the projections into the latter half of the decade are just staggering. That has to go somewhere. The proliferation of video and video applications, as you can imagine that as well. As bandwidth has opened up and video is more accessible and faster, that’s growing. So we see a lot of opportunity for us in the future.