Incorporate the Temple Theory and exercise to achieve equilibrium in life

Your business is up and running and everything is going great! Your products are selling, you have a good development team, your manufacturers are fast and reliable, and your advertising is reaching the right audience.

You’re also working 20 hours a day, you haven’t seen your wife or children in 2½ weeks and you’ve got a constant ache in the pit of your stomach. This is simply the cost of success, right? Not quite.

The most difficult thing to achieve in business is balancing your career and personal life. It stands to reason that the more hours you put in at the office, the greater your rate of return. Unfortunately, this approach neglects the fact that not taking care of yourself will likely cause a host of problems.

Taking care of family

At a certain point, it’s important to recognize that you cannot take care of your family if you’re neglecting them. I was once asked what was the most important thing to me in business. I replied, “Family.” I really do try to spend as much time with my family as possible.

There was a time in my life when I was a divorced dad. I had my son and daughter, Trent and Tara, twice a week.

Many times I would be asked to schedule a meeting on days they were with me. I would always ask, “Do you mind if I bring my kids?” and 80 percent of the time it was no problem.

Spending time on yourself

It’s extremely important that you spend time on yourself, taking care of your physical and mental health. This means eating right and incorporating fitness into your life.

I recommend what I call the Temple Theory — on weekdays, treat your body like a temple by eating right with foods that give you energy.

On weekends, relax and approach your diet like it’s an amusement park. This will allow you to enjoy personal and family life a lot more.

Finding time for exercise

As for exercise, putting aside the fact that I’m a personal trainer, I honestly believe that it is critical for business professionals to incorporate fitness into their lives.

I work out twice a day. Of course, most people won’t have time for twice-daily workouts, so if you get it out of the way early, you’ll probably still be stressed out at the end of the day. If that’s the case, take the time to wind down and not think about work. Play with your children, watch a ball game, tinker in your garage, work on arts and crafts, etc.

Relaxation and having fun is not only pleasurable and good for your physical health, it is also key to keeping your mind sharp and stimulating your creativity.

You’ll find that making time for yourself will make you far more effective than ever in business. In the process, you’ll feel better, probably live longer and be happier. Whoever thought your most effective weapon against the competition was simply to live a good, balanced life?

Tony Little is founder, president and CEO of Health International Corp. Tony also serves as the executive chairman of Positive Lifestyle International. Known as “America’s Personal Trainer,” Tony has been a television icon for more than 20 years. After overcoming a car accident that nearly took his life, he learned how to turn adversity into victory. Known for his wild enthusiasm, Tony is responsible for revolutionizing direct-response marketing and television home shopping. He has sold more than $3 billion in products bearing his name.