Total access

The customer service philosophy at DeVore Technologies Inc. is summed up with the phrase “total access.” But behind the simple statement is an extensive strategy that offers a 360-degree approach to serving customers at the IT training, consulting and solutions provider, headed by President and CEO Lori DeVore.

The customer service strategy at DeVore contains six areas of concentration — empower staff, adopt a corporate service philosophy, create service standards, hire service-focused employees, provide technology tools and provide service training. The goals of the strategy are to provide customers with accessibility to empowered, trained staff members who have the tools at their fingertips to address all customer needs.

The accessibility aspect focuses on the three portals through which customers can receive DeVore’s services and support — in person, online and over the phone. Customers who contact DeVore over the phone can have direct access to DeVore staff instead of a call center with an automated answering service. Customers accessing DeVore via the Internet can utilize an online help desk with answers to frequently asked questions, technical support queues and a live chat.

Personal service at DeVore begins with the hiring of new associates. Each new hire is educated in the company history and corporate philosophy and is also required to have a working knowledge of all customer service systems.

After a 30-day assessment period, all new hires have a service development plan customized for them by their direct supervisor. The plan includes a number of customer service training classes, such as advanced communication skills, communicating across cultures and managing conflict.

The initial training is combined with ongoing training, frequent updates and weekly evaluation of the company’s customer service performance by top management. It all helps to ensure that DeVore’s customers get total access and total satisfaction.

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