Total solution

Brulant is competing against some the biggest corporations in America, but the technology consulting firm has found a way to beat them.

Len Pagon Jr., the company’s president and CEO, uses three innovative approaches to stay on top of his highly competitive industry.

* Time-To-Value. The era of large development projects that take years to complete and cost millions of dollars are over. Pagon developed Time-To-Value methodology that enables Brulant to drive significant value in shorter time frames with lower risk, all while delivering results within budget.

Brulant is able to complete projects in months and, in some instances, days, with smaller investments and lower risk.

* SWAT Team. Pagon implemented a “SWAT team” approach to project management. The company delivers solutions in small, nimble teams that focus on short-term, intense projects and the Time-To-Value methodology.

The end result is high client satisfaction and accelerated results at lower cost. This approach has helped build lasting relationships with clients.

* SCORE. Measuring and maintaining client satisfaction levels is important to Pagon, so he developed an approach called SCORE. At the initiation of each project, a client reviews the program’s criteria, assigns weighting to each and, at the close of the project, rates Brulant on how it delivered in each category.

Each project is graded on speed, communication, organization, results and experience.

Pagon says the future of the firm’s success relies on becoming a total online solutions partner for its clients. The company has to deliver high satisfaction levels and excellent results. Its innovative approaches allow it to meet those goals.

The company is large enough to have the experience of the large national firms but small enough to be able to react quickly, price efficiently and deliver solutions that create immediate value for its clients.

How to reach: Brulant, (216) 518-7900