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Dan Regenold, CEO, Frame USA Inc.

In December 2010, Dan Regenold, CEO of Frame USA Inc., a wholesale manufacturer of picture frames, had a vision. He wanted to fill an entire 54-foot semitruck for a charity. He knew this would be a big undertaking, but one for a great cause that people could get behind.

He put together a team of giving coordinators, consisting of packers, donation collectors, marketing and public relations professionals, and more, to help coordinate this event in under 30 days. By the end of December, Frame USA ended up needing a second truck because it overfilled the semi. This resulted in 833 boxes and 30-plus skids equaling more than 22,200 donations.

The truck didn’t end there. To Regenold, the truck represented more than donations. It represented hope, life, and a second chance for people within his community who were down on their luck. It was at that point that the truck became a catalyst, ultimately giving birth to what is now called “Fill the Truck.”

Currently, Fill the Truck encompasses a broad spectrum of community service and charitable initiatives. Fill the Truck coordinates a charity of the month program on the Frame USA’s website where a percentage of all sales and customer donations help support a different charity each month. And, of course, at the end of the year, they fill another 54-foot semitruck to maximum capacity and beyond.

Since 2006, the company has designated one or two nonprofits to sponsor as part of its charity of the month program. Through this process the company has built long-lasting relationships and partners to provide assistance to its community on both a local and national level.

The company’s efforts through its website generate roughly $1,500 a month for the charities the company supports. In 2011, Regenold and Frame USA hope to keep filling the truck and someday have multiple trucks filled in multiple locations.

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