True entrepreneurs push past adversity

It’s always fascinating to hear from executives who grew their companies from the ground-up (or close to that). They often have a different viewpoint because when you max out your credit cards or cash in your retirement account early to grow your company in one big gamble, other business challenges can seem tame in comparison.

This attitude is easy to see in this year’s Entrepreneur Of The Year® finalists, as well as Thread International’s Ian Rosenberger. These men and women are doing great things and often take a road less traveled to launch companies, open new markets and fuel job growth.

Entrepreneurs are a different breed than other businessmen or women — especially those who have successfully met challenges to create a successful company. They see the opportunity in every challenge. They have a burning desire to build something and a willingness to take risks to make it happen.

However, I wonder sometimes about all the entrepreneurs who I don’t talk to. The ones who maxed out their credit cards or spent their 401(k) and then failed. Do they keep trying until they find success, or do they head back to working for other people?

Serial entrepreneurs who I’ve spoken to over the years often talk about how much they learned when their first business failed. It’s not unusual at all. I just hope that budding entrepreneurs who falter realize that.

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to success is yourself, so I hope you can take inspiration from the pages of Smart Business. If at first you don’t succeed, there’s still time to dust your self off and step back up to the plate.