Trusted steward

Jeff Levine, CEO, BlueBridge Networks

When it comes to data protection and recovery for small to middle-market businesses, BlueBridge Networks LLC wants to be seen not only as a vendor but also as a partner in its enterprises. Customers can trust that their data — their lifeblood — will be backed up, stored and ready for recovery in data centers of the highest security.

To that end, CEO Jeff Levine and the BlueBridge staff realize that customer service is critical. To be hired, a person must have passion for homeland security, economic stability and must hold a desire to make a difference. Applicants are sought who are not only highly technical-oriented but also have had longstanding relationships with vendors and employers. In addition, evidence of being a team player who contributed significantly to projects and objectives is important.

Once on board, new employees follow controls and protocols established in the customer manual, which is in both electronic and hard copies. A trouble ticket system allows service issues to be tracked from the time they are reported to when the issues are resolved. For after-hours support, a highly technical call center service is located on site to respond immediately to customer concerns.

BlueBridge Networks feels so confident about its services that it guarantees a 99.999 percent uptime. That allows a downtime of only six minutes a year ― which the company has never even been close to experiencing in its six years in business.

To indicate that BlueBridge practices what it preaches as an Internet service provider, the company uses multiple layers of protection against intrusion and has completed SAS 70 Type II audits as well as achieving Payment Card Industry Standard compliance.

To stay ahead of the technology curve and to offer the most current services, the company continuously reinvests in the facilities to deliver IT solutions that are a competitive edge for customers.

How to reach: BlueBridge Networks LLC, (216) 621-2583 or