Turning no into yes

Research has proven that you will get an average of three to five “no’s” before you get a “yes” from your customer. Research also states that most salespeople give up after the first “no.” Do you fall into that category?

Have you forgotten that the nature of sales is rejection?

You should expect resistance; that’s human nature. The customer is usually requesting confirmation that he or she will be making the right decision — it’s a buying signal. The key is to be prepared for it. Make a list of the actual resistance that you will receive in the following categories.

  • Price
  • Postponement
  • Competition
  • Change
  • Personal

Then take time and brainstorm potential responses with your entire sales team. Now, practice the answers using the following four steps. For this example, assume that the customer’s response is, “Your price is too high.”

Step 1: Clarify the customer’s concerns by asking, “How come you feel the price is too high?”

Step 2: Respond to the concern with the appropriate answer.

Step 3: Ask for acceptance of your answer. “Now do you see that you are getting the best value for your money?”

Step 4: Trial close. “Let’s get your order started.”

Stop giving up after the first “no.” Become pleasantly persistent.

Marvin Montgomery is an author, speaker and sales training consultant at ERC, where he has assisted hundreds of organizations in improving their productivity. You can ask the Sales Doctor a question at [email protected].