Unique analysis technology allows Segmint to hit new levels

Rob Heiser, president and CEO, Segmint

Rob Heiser, president and CEO, Segmint


At Segmint, it’s as easy as KLIs — Key Lifestyle Indicators™ that reflect trends and patterns in data — that set the fast-growing marketing technology company apart from its competition.

It works rather simply. A financial institution or other business implements the Segmint software which allows them to make their customer data instantly actionable. Everything is done anonymously, and no personally identifiable information is ever shared.

For instance, by analyzing Customer XYZ by their history of transactions —activities, spending patterns, product mix and life events — it can be determined that they are married and expecting a child. The FI or other business can then create individualized messages that are highly-relevant and delivered at a time Customer XYZ is ready to act.

With groundbreaking technology such as use of KLIs, it wasn’t long before Segmint was seeing explosive growth.

Under President and CEO Russel (Rob) Heiser, Segmint expects to continue its rapid growth with the addition of new clients. In addition, the company is committed to its roots in Northeast Ohio and its support of innovative new business growth.

One of the critical elements of the company is its interns. Working with institutions such as the University of Akron and Kent State University, Segmint offers interns entrepreneurial experience to expand the interns’ foundation of knowledge and skills they have acquired. Of 11 students who have completed internships, 45 percent have returned as permanent employees.

In regard to community involvement, Segmint has fostered relationships with business leaders, civic organizations and education institutions in Northeast Ohio, including the Greater Akron Chamber of Commerce and the University of Akron Innovation Center. In addition, the company receives advice from a team of experienced and progressive business leaders and board members.

How to reach: Segmint, (888) 734-6468 or www.segmint.com.