University Circle Inc. keeps giving back to the community


Chris Ronayne
University Circle Inc.

Whether you want to visit a museum, attend a play or take a walk through the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, there is indeed something for everyone at University Circle.

Thanks to an effort made in 1973 to promote University Circle as a center for lifelong learning, these attractions and many more can be enjoyed and appreciated by more than 15,000 students each year throughout Northeast Ohio.

University Circle Inc.’s community education department was established 40 years ago as a progressive response to the urban disinvestment of the 1960s, but has become much more. It has helped foster a deep relationship between those who want to learn and the nonprofit, education, medical, arts, cultural and social service organizations that make University Circle what it is.

University Circle Inc. staff provides countless hours of mentoring to students in high school, college and graduate school who are seeking career and civic engagement connections in Northeast Ohio. Each fall, a college week orientation program is held for incoming college students in the area.

Relationships with local high schools and universities allow for direct connections between University Circle Inc. staff and students working on specific projects, papers and presentations. In addition to the educational opportunities, students who get involved with University Circle have opportunities to do their part for the world through cleanup days and other projects to keep the neighborhood looking its best for generations to come. All of this helps keep everyone aware of the many benefits of a place like University Circle. ●