Ups and downs

(Ups) to Realty One. Its new cybercafé-like Visions of Home store is a unique idea that removes unneeded pressure from prospects while providing maximum information about the home buying process. Unlike many of its competitors, the Cleveland-based real estate firm actually gets the impact the Internet has — and will have — upon the real estate industry.

(Downs) to Brookpark Mayor Tom Coyne. His eminent domain battle with Cleveland Mayor Michael White over the IX Center land is doing more harm than good. Coyne’s outmoded contention that his city will lose tax revenue if it loses the land doesn’t outweigh the region’s need to use that property to ensure its long-term future. Let’s hope the courts understand the underlying issues involved and make the right call. Otherwise, Northeast Ohio’s economic resurgence could crash and burn.

(Ups) to Toy Craze. The Beachwood toy maker launched its Crazy Bones partnership with McDonald’s last month, putting Crazy Bones toys in Happy Meals worldwide. It’s great recognition for an up-and-coming Cleveland success story.

(Downs) to rising energy prices. Soaring natural gas and oil prices are hitting manufacturers where it hurts — their bottom lines. Lower than expected earnings and higher than expected prices have started whispers of the word “surcharge.” Don’t look now but there are storm clouds over the horizon.

(Ups) to Everstream Inc. The Solon-based Web streaming company received $6 million from publishing giants Knight-Ridder Inc., Pulitzer Inc. and Gannett Co. Everstream offers Web-based tuners for more than 260 newspapers and a variety of music channels. The investment is good news for expansion of a new publishing model on the Net.