Vince Pace, James Cameron, co-chairmen; Cameron Pace Group

Vince Pace, co-chairman, Cameron-Pace Group

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Vince Pace and James Cameron are used to being industry pioneers. As co-chairmen of Cameron Pace Group, they collaborate as filmmakers but also as inventors. Known for their respective careers — Cameron as a blockbuster filmmaker and Pace as a video and camera production innovator — both men share a passion for storytelling as well as innovation.

This passion and vision for what could be is what drove them to spend the last decade focusing on solving unique filmmaking challenges and developing groundbreaking new technologies for the entertainment industry — specifically, 3-D entertainment.

With skeptical audiences, a reluctant entertainment industry and an entrenched industry infrastructure, Pace and Cameron knew proving the value of 3-D content for businesses and mainstream entertainment would be a journey.

James Cameron, co-chairman, Cameron Pace Group

Before Cameron Pace Group, the business model for 3-D filmmaking was unsuccessful as well as expensive. But by developing revolutionary systems and solutions to save cost and improve efficiency — the company’s Shadow system can capture 2-D and 3-D footage simultaneously — the partners have reinvented the model for 3-D. Their years of financial, technological and artistic efforts culminated in the wild success of the movie “Avatar.”

The film not only affirmed the financial viability of the partners’ vision to capture visual content in both 2-D and 3-D, but as the biggest box office success in history, “Avatar” also proved that the revenue stream for 3-D films had enormous business potential.

Throughout their partnership, Pace and Cameron have always strived to break technological and creative barriers in order to elevate entertainment media, whether it’s creating virtual cinematography or a business model for 5-D broadcasting. Today, Cameron Pace Group is the industry leader in 3-D technologies and production services.

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