Walking the talk

Bob Zollars, chairman and CEO, Vocera Inc.

Communication errors cause 62 percent of all accidental deaths and serious injuries in health care and create $12 billion in unnecessary cost and waste per year. Vocera Inc., led by Chairman and CEO Bob Zollars, is helping to solve those issues through the mantra of “saving steps, saving time and saving lives.”

By focusing relentlessly on those customer issues, Zollars and the team at Vocera have more than tripled the company’s revenue since 2006.

Zollars has led more than 10 technology and healthcare companies, ranging from pre-revenue size to more than $5 billion in annual sales. Zollars has a relentless focus on the customer and has been successful in building enduring cultures based on shared values and meritocracy. He leads by example, with a tireless work ethic and a consistent presence on the front lines, whether it’s in the market with customers or with the employees who support them.

Zollars came to Vocera after the company had been founded by Rob Shostak, who had developed a small two-way communication device that would allow management in a company’s home office to maintain contact with employees in the field. As a nonfounder, Zollars was able to put his own stamp on the company. He crystallized the strategy and published it companywide as a one page “strategy wheel.” He catalyzed the company’s shared values and brought them to life through constant communication.

Zollars crystallized a strategy that focused on the health care vertical and narrowed the company’s focus onto six strategic initiatives. Upon arriving at Vocera, Zollars met with each employee and asked them to supply input on the direction of the company. He then took that information and supplemented it with information drawn from customer visits and customer satisfaction surveys. Zollars’ thesis was simple: listen and act.

His approach has resulted in Vocera becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in Silicon Valley.

How to reach: Vocera Inc., (408) 882-5999 or www.vocera.com