Web applications

Most businesses have discovered that a Web site is a valuable marketing tool. But is your site doing all it can for your company?

“There is so much more a Web site can do beyond marketing,” says Rob Pettit, president of LSYdigital, a discipline of Lord, Sullivan & Yoder of Columbus. “It can really change the way a business functions.”

Pettit cites sales training as an example.

“It’s hard to get your sales force in for training because you want them out selling,” he says. “But you also want them to use every tool in their arsenal to teach the prospective client more about the company.”

In response, LSYdigital created a sales training CD for a client with sales teams worldwide. Its salespeople found that customers knew more about their site than they did. Since a number of interactive customer tools are accessible from the site, it was imperative the sales team become more knowledgeable.

Pettit says any company required to supply Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) can benefit from having them available for downloading.

“If an employee has a spill at 2 a.m., he doesn’t have to wait until the next day to report it,” says Pettit.

And offer clients access to their accounts through your site.

“Depending on how your current internal system is set up, placing your billing and accounts receivables system online can make it more efficient,” says Pettit. “Clients can check to see if a payment has been credited or what is outstanding on the account,” saving administration time.

With today’s security technology, the risk to company information online is minimal.

“Some companies resist out of fear of hackers,” says Pettit. “But with a secure system and due diligence on the part of the company, they shouldn’t be afraid.” How to reach: LSYdigital, (614) 846-8500 or www.lsydigital.com