Webinar recap – Goin’ Mobile

Chris Surdenik, President, Call One

On September 29, 2011, the focus of the Smart Business Thought Leadership Series was the positive advancement of mobility. The Webinar “Goin’ Mobile: Why your company’s mobile strategy is failing … and how to fix it” was led by Chris Surdenik, the president of Call One, one of the nation’s largest providers of voice, data, and Internet services and systems.

Today’s business environment demands that companies service their clients immediately. In an ever increasingly mobile world, there is no more COB. Which means that transactions need to be conducted on the go, meetings need to be held in remote locales or online and — perhaps most importantly — data must be accessible anywhere, anytime. The medical field, specifically hospitals where just about everything is extremely time-sensitive, is probably the best example of where a mobile strategy is vital. A solution that allows doctors and nurses to access patient biometric data from anywhere at any time can be a real life-saver.

In the Webinar, Surdenik discussed integrated communications and how voice, data, video and mobility converge to deliver a dynamic client experience and a fully conceptualized work environment. No longer are employees tethered to a desk or an office or even a city. By utilizing mobile devices, your workforce can be constantly on the move and able to conduct business from any place, at any time of the day.

A more efficient workforce is something that every company is looking for. But efficiency is nothing without quality. The beauty of mobility and mobile solutions is that the job can get done without compromise. Mobile devices can connect to a company’s phones, e-mail and even servers and systems — so every function of an employee’s job can be done in the here and now, no matter where that person may be.

Besides discussing the benefits of mobile solutions, Surdenik talked about deployment and implementation, stressing the need for a full network assessment. Before you even think about a mobile solution, make sure you have the proper systems and hardware to handle the mobile capabilities you want to implement. Usually, this includes switching over to a VoIP phone system, if you haven’t done so already.

Another point Surdenik drove home was that transparency should never be disrupted, meaning don’t make improvements just for improvement’s sake. If you do make improvements, such as implementing a mobile solution, make sure it is an improvement for everyone — employees, customers, the end users and the company itself. He then went on to reference ShoreTel™, a partner of Call One, whose advanced IP Phone systems have the ability to integrate with your smart phone, which “tears-down” the walls of your traditional office, allowing your team to be productive without being tethered to a desk or computer.

After highlighting what to look for in a mobility provider, Surdenik showed how mobility ties in with client satisfaction and a company’s bottom line — and how it improves both areas.

“Customers do business with companies they like doing business with,” said Surdenik. “People make decisions for both professional and personal reasons. If you give a good experience, the customer will remember it and give you more business. Mobility can help you deliver that good experience.”

Listen to or download the Webinar in its entirety here.

Chris Surdenik is the president of Call One. Reach him at (312) CALL-ONE.