Website spotlight

Company name: Risk International Services Inc., Akron


Went live: March 1998

Purpose of site: To provide an alternative means to make information about Risk International readily available to customers and prospective clients, and to keep our current clients informed of current company news. Risk International locates old or missing insurance policies for companies with environmental liabilities, then pursues settlements from insurance carriers.

Developer: Summit Professional Systems Inc., Akron

Number of pages: Initially 25, although the number fluctuates now.

Has the site been redesigned: Not yet, but company plans to do so next year.

Ballpark cost of original site: $12,000

Current number of visitors (not hits) per week: 75

Number of visitors (not hits) per week at first launch: 68

How the site is being marketed: Other than including the Web address on stationery and marketing literature, Risk International has not been marketing the site. Executives consider themselves fortunate to have the best possible domain name:, and that’s how visitors most often find the site. Visitors to the site tend to know what they’re looking for.

Special features: Right now, visitors to can request additional information about the company by way of contact form. Risk International and Summit Professional plan to investigate interactive elements that will add value for present clients.

Other comments: Contents of news section is driven by MS SQL Server 6.5 database using Active Server Pages. Through a Web-based administrative interface, Risk International is able to change the content of its news section at any time, from anywhere in the world. Changes are immediately reflected on the Website. These changes require little knowledge of HTML, if any.