What manufacturers are missing when it comes to digital marketing

A manufacturer’s website is a direct line of communication to the public. It can be used to promote products and services, and offer on-demand information for busy buyers. It’s also a window into a company’s culture, which is playing an increasingly important role in today’s recruitment efforts.

It is not uncommon, however, for established manufacturers to have no Web presence. That’s a missed opportunity to generate sales leads and keep the recruitment pipeline full. Manufacturers that have recognized the importance of a professional digital footprint stand out to buyers and job candidates, both of which are using online research to drive their decision-making.

Stating your purpose

Just like buyers have used the Web to become better educated purchasers, job candidates are doing research online, looking beyond salaries to find a job that’s the right fit. A poor digital presence, however, makes it hard to generate buy in.

We’re operating in a purpose economy in which people want to feel as if they’re part of something bigger. They want a strong company culture — a reason to be proud of their job. Manufacturers must use their digital channels to communicate why they are in business in a way that translates to a purpose for potential employees. Nut and bolt manufacturers may think it’s hard to find this correlation. But looking closer, those nuts and bolts hold up bridges or make machines safer for those who use them.

Cater to your audience

Successful recruiting isn’t a result of what a company does when there’s a job opening. It’s what it does every day to show what it’s like to work at that company. That can include stories about giving back through community service, pictures from a company picnic or a timeline of the organization. All these elements contribute to a company’s communications package, which should be part of both recruitment and sales strategies.

Once the purpose is defined it must be communicated through the company website and its associated digital channels. It’s important that companies craft messages that are specific to the channel they’re using. Through performance analytics, a company can determine what messages work on Twitter vs. LinkedIn and Facebook. The same rule applies to recruitment: determine how each channel is utilized and that will lead to a plan of action for each. Establishing a professional digital presence that’s catered to each channel can help attract new employees while saving thousands in recruiting fees.

It’s never too late

Just like sales and lead generation, recruitment is an ongoing process, so start before there’s a need. Digital communications can do wonders to relate the important aspects of a business to a large audience of potential buyers and recruits. It’s never too late to start driving awareness. And it starts by communicating with others where they are and in ways that they prefer.

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