Who do you trust?

Did your star sales representative really attend a training seminar while traveling in San Diego last month?

Ohio voters think you might be wise to question that expense report.

Nearly three-quarters of 500 registered voters polled in a survey earlier this year agreed with the statement, “Most employees at one point or another cheat on their expense accounts.”

When Opinion Strategies Inc., a downtown Columbus market research and communications consulting firm, conducted the poll, only 12 percent disagreed with that statement. Perhaps not wanting to self-implicate, 14 percent offered no opinion on the matter.

Survey respondents also indicated reserved assessments of their employers’ compassion and honesty [see related charts].

The workplace, in general, received mixed reviews, as 59 percent of those surveyed reported they are satisfied in their current jobs. Another 29 percent said they are very satisfied, while 12 percent indicated they’re not at all satisfied.

When it came to equality in the workplace, 63 percent of respondents agreed that “women have made great progress in being treated equally with their male counterparts in the workplace.” On the issue of African-Americans, however, voters apparently perceived less progress, as 43 percent agreed that most “are still not treated fairly in the workplace.” Thirty-nine percent disagreed with that statement, while 18 percent offered no opinion.