Why Flying Horse Farms means so much to John Lewis


John Lewis
Board chair
Flying Horse Farms

John Lewis has only been on the board of Flying Horse Farms for three years, but his connection to the nonprofit organization was made back in 2006. That year his only daughter, Emily, was diagnosed with a type of kidney cancer called Wilms’ tumor.

Surgery was successful to remove both the tumor and Emily’s kidney, but the cancer had already spread to her lungs. Over the next three years, Emily endured multiple surgeries, aggressive chemotherapy, radiation sessions and numerous clinical drug trials.

It was during this difficult time that the Lewis family discovered Flying Horse Away, a program created to send children from Ohio to SeriousFun Children’s Network camps across the country while Flying Horse Farms was under development.

It instantly became a source of comfort and joy for the Lewis family. His passion and commitment to Flying Horse Farms was ignited when Emily, at the end of her life, encouraged her father to leave the hospital and attend the groundbreaking of Flying Horse Farms in Mt. Gilead.

Lewis joined the board in May 2009, bringing a new perspective to the organization. He helped the organization see that serious illnesses don’t just affect the children who are sick; they affect families and friends too. These loved ones need a great deal of support as well and a renewed effort was made to ensure they felt a sense of belonging and compassion for what they go through.

Lewis has helped Flying Horse Farms reach a new level of service in helping these families. ●