Will Fleming, co-founder and CEO, MotionPoint Corp.

Will Fleming, MotionPoint Corp.

FINALIST – Technology

Will Fleming

co-founder and CEO

MotionPoint Corp.

After top executives at several companies told Will Fleming and his co-founder, Adam Rubenstein, that they saw a need in the future for having multilingual websites, they created MotionPoint Corp.

While there was a demand for multilingual websites, companies did not want the costly IT investment necessary to maintain mirror sites.

So Fleming went to work on finding a better solution. Initially when MotionPoint, a translation and globalization services company, was founded in 2000, its focus was to help online retailers provide more complete, accurate and timely product information to shoppers.

One of the most popular features of MotionPoint’s “virtual product brochures” was consumers’ ability to view product information in different languages.

MotionPoint soon learned that while retailers had a limited need for its virtual brochures, nearly every company with a diverse customer base was interested in making its website multilingual.

As co-founder and CEO of MotionPoint, Fleming listened to what people were asking for.

The company developed a suite of patent-protected technologies that make it quick and easy to add any language to any website — without any client IT development.

Companies can provide MotionPoint with the main language site and its software translates the website into multiple languages.

MotionPoint’s systems are capable of performing the same change to the translated sites without someone having to maintain a mirror site and sift through coding to isolate the change, resulting in a more cost-efficient option.

This approach continues to be a game-changer, eliminating the cost and complexity traditionally required by website translation.

MotionPoint’s first multilingual website client debuted in Spanish in 2003. Fifteen more sites followed in 2004.

By 2007, MotionPoint was launching more than 100 websites every year. Today, MotionPoint services hundreds of clients, serving billions of multilingual Web pages each year.

HOW TO REACH: MotionPoint Corp., www.motionpoint.com