Winning the battles

Growing up, Mervin Dunn was the
most educated person in his house
after the third grade, and had to win every battle just to survive.

But when Dunn was 17, he started
working for PepsiCo and then GTE to
earn college tuition
money. At GTE he
learned that in
order to succeed in
business, he didn’t
need to win every
battle, as he had
been attempting to
do in his life. Instead, he learned it was more important
to win the war.

He took that with him to college,
and after he started working, Dunn
quickly learned he enjoyed turnaround situations. One of his greatest turnarounds was at Commercial
Vehicle Group Inc., where he is president and CEO.

When he took over, he first diversified the company’s customer base by
getting into more foreign markets.
He also took the special approach of
starting manufacturing operations in
those markets so people could build
the truck components to the needs
of local customers. He also divested
some product lines and stopped CVG
from trying to be everything to

His efforts led CVG to become a
nearly $1 billion company that is
now publicly traded with more than
20 locations domestically and eight
locations internationally. As Dunn
continues to move the company forward, he hopes to grow revenue and
build a new tech center and corporate offices to help support this

HOW TO REACH: Commercial Vehicle Group Inc., (614) 289-5362 or