Make America Great Again? Maybe not.

Before the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, I urged the Republican Party to thank Donald Trump for his showmanship, and usher him off the stage. We’ve come a long way since July. Now Trump has a good chance of winning the election.

So let’s assume Trump wins, and take a look at the United States after Inauguration Day 2017.

President Trump will put “America back to work.” The new national labor force, “Trump Works,” will employ millions of Americans. We’ll see close to zero percent unemployment.

Men and women 16 and older, if not in private school, will enter the workforce through conscription and forced labor. Unemployed people will be reemployed. American men, women and children will repopulate farm labor, now 25 percent undocumented foreign born workers.

Building and staffing internment camps for detained prisoners, supplementing overcrowded federal prisons, will require hundreds of thousands more workers.

Trump will triple the size of Homeland Security to identify, secure and deport the roughly 11 million unauthorized foreign born living in the U.S., and start building a wall on the Mexican border that will make the Great Wall of China look like a child’s toy. The U.S. military and police departments across the country will balloon in size. Soldiers will return home from around the world.

Trump Youth, militarized Boy and Girl Scouts, will be trained from an early age to act right and report parental misbehavior and lazy people.

They will ardently sniff out outlawed foreign born of every stripe, regardless of religion, targeted for deportation. Citizens won’t be immune. If you don’t look right, or sound right, you’re a target. Thousands of legal foreign born U.S. citizens, with no criminal behavior to their names, will be swept up by the State, and deported with no hope of return.

And you won’t read it online. The day after Inauguration Day, President Trump will declare martial law across the U.S. to achieve several objectives: eliminate major news media, vastly augment police and military in our cities and towns to “make America safe again,” and outlaw civil communications on phones and PCs.  The Internet, most newspapers, and traditional American journalism will banned.

Dust off those typewriters and DVD players. Cell phone networks will be restricted to police and military use. Libraries will be shuttered, if “temporarily.” Energy deregulation will make way for massive new coal mining, and oil and gas pipelines —but we’ll be driving much less. Police checkpoints across the nation will check every American for proper ID.

Buyer’s remorse? After the 2016 Brexit vote, Britons who voted for the U.K. to leave the European Union immediately regretted their votes, learning too late the real facts, and that their own jobs might be lost.  Much the same for the U.S., President Trump’s 99 percent supporters will be hardest hit.

Colossal federal expenditures, martial law, and the gross societal changes will forever erase America’s love affair with “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Margaret W. Wong, Esq. is founder at Margaret W. Wong & Associates Co. LPA