Xuecang Geng Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Blatek Inc.

Xuecang Geng Ph.D., Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Blatek Inc.


When Dr. Xuecang Geng took over as the vice president and chief scientific officer at Blatek Inc., the company was in the midst of financial troubles. Shortly after Dr. Geng arrived, the company had to endure a round of layoffs. With Blatek at a low point, Dr. Geng decided to renew his team’s focus on developing new ideas based on research and innovation.

Through Dr. Geng’s leadership, Blatek has grown in the types of projects it is willing to undertake. From developing a composite material that has more uses than typical ceramics to developing the company’s reputation and quality, Dr. Geng has helped make the impossible possible through his leadership, dedication and passion to find solutions.

Dr. Geng’s leadership has helped bring the company to new levels. With a renewed focus on problem solving, Blatek is now able to adapt solutions to fit the needs of specific customers. Now, customers come to the company requesting solutions to problems, such as improved performance for a specific end use in an ultrasonic system. Blatek is a manufacturer of highperformance ultrasonic transducers.

Once the design has been developed and the product created, the customers continue to return and recommend Blatek to other companies looking for innovative solutions.

Blatek employs about 50. As such, the culture is highly focused on individual employees and what skills they bring to the table. Employees have specialized skill sets particular to the jobs they have.

The role of Dr. Geng and his leadership team is to ensure that each employee is executing daily tasks with the ultimate goal of carrying out the company’s vision — to continue working to find specialized solutions and create specialized products to meet the needs of each customer.

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