Y2K Internet Resources

The Year 2000 Information Center, www.year2000.com, a privately sponsored site listing a variety of support information, news articles and resources offers the following resources on Y2K.

  • The National Bulletin Board for Year 2000: www.it2000.com. Claims to be the “single most comprehensive information site” on Year 2000 issues.
  • The Automotive Industry Action Group: www.aiag.org. Sponsored by the automotive industry with support from the manufacturers.
  • Datamation: www.datamation.com. National publication’s Web site; deals with multiple issues.
  • IBM Corp.: www.ibm.com/year2000. Smart page with direct information about IBM products, services. Free COBOL training.
  • Microsoft Corp.: www.microsoft.com. The Microsoft Year 2000 Resource Center Product Guide-details specific Microsoft products and their Year 2000 preparedness. Look under key projects for link.
  • Novell Corp.: www.Novell.com. Novell’s only official source of information about Project 2000 requirements and the status of Novell products.
  • Information Technology Association of America (ITAA): itaa.org/year2000.htm. An information packed page with multiple links.
  • Year 2000 Best Practices: www.itpolicy.gsa.gov/mks/yr2000/y207best.htm. A comprehensive listing of federal government initiatives and related international sites. Worth visiting.
  • Mitre Corp.: www.mitre.org/research/y2k. A well designed site, with Commercial Off-the-Shelf product and vendor reviews.
  • Harker Inc.: www.harkerinc.com/year2000/. An interesting site with good statistical information.
  • Thinking Tools Inc.: www.thinkingtools.com. Some provocative ideas here.
  • Gartner Group: www.gartner.com/meyr2000.rspl.html. An excellent site, but make certain to enter the URL since it is not intuitive on the home page.
  • Computer World: www.computerworld.com/year2000/index.html. Ever want to read everything on Y2K? This is the site. Great resource.

List supplied by Internet Business Alliance. For more information on Internet Business Alliance, contact William Haney at (610) 918-4500.