Leading by example Featured

8:00pm EDT June 25, 2009
Business Services

In 1993, Elizabeth Morard co-founded Qualis Corp. with a vision to be the company of choice for superior engineering services by government and commercial customers.

In those early days, Morard and her co-founder, Mary Engel, took no salary, and for some years thereafter, they took home very modest salaries. They had personal investments and subsequent short-term loans, and the company remained profitable and eventually received a modest line of credit, which was partly secured by their personal assets.

As president and CEO, Morard brings high energy, enthusiasm, integrity and a strong work ethic to her team. She consistently puts the needs of the company and its customers and employees ahead of her own. She remains intimately involved in the day-to-day details of the company, and she leads by example. She also identifies and recruits the necessary executive talent and desired personalities while also investing in top performers in order to enhance the corporate culture and depth.

She also expects a cohesive executive team and works diligently to dissolve external and internal issues that threaten her team’s effectiveness. She also finds it important to solicit the input of other advisers when making decisions, and in 16 years of working together, when she and her co-owners approach situations with different opinions and viewpoints, she leads the team through discussions in order to come to the best conclusion without causing problems.

As a result of her efforts and leadership style, 16 years later, the company has grown from just the two founders as its only employees to more than 330 employees in 14 states, Afghanistan and Iraq. The company also has offices in three cities and has been recognized by numerous local and national awards over the years.

How to reach: Qualis Corp., (256) 971-1707 or www.qualis-corp.com